Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 10 Statistical Blogs on Soccer - or "What The Soccerist Reads"

Ok, so The Soccerist did not make the list with blogs on the price of goals in the EPL or the performance of designated players, but perhaps better luck next year for us - but without further ado - here are the blogs we check every day to see if they are saying smarter stuff than us.

This is a list of the most insightful ten blogs that apply data and statistical analysis to soccer. Whether at the PhD-level or at the high school-level mathematician these blogs provide elegant insights to help us better understand the parsimonious game.

The blogs' authors uncover that "magic" that explains the market value of great players and the tactics that explain great teams, on a daily basis, these blogs find the numbers underlying the great game. Sure, we may have missed out on a few great blogs so let us know and we will consider them for next year.

Rank Blog Name Description
10 James' Blog James Grayson writes a higher-tech blog that employs Excel graphs to test such things as the correlation between shots attempted and total points earned or investigates whether teams at the bottom of La Liga are more volatile than the EPL.
9 Soccer By The Numbers A blog run by Chris Anderson – a self-described “pioneer of quantitative soccer analytics” and David Sally a social interaction/game theory expert and professor at Tuck School of Business. Their blog fits into the more advanced statistical analysis using multivariate regressions to predict players’ value but also employ simple difference in averages methods to test whether British players really do earn a premium in the EPL.
8 Shots on Target Shots on Target is a website dedicated to the statistical analysis of football and is primarily aimed at Fantasy Premier League. Using a combination of statistical techniques and analysis plus optimization software we determine point projections for every team and every player in the English Premier League. Our specially developed F.SCORE metric is used to rank every player from a fantasy football perspective and takes an aggregate of key stats which have a bearing on scoring and assisting goals, and getting a clean sheet.
7 Soccer Analysts They reportedly started this blog "over beers at the 2011 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference" - how cool is that?
6 EPL Index Brings statistical analysis to the EPL - whether comparing players across the league or making statistically-based predictions.
5 Tactics and Analysis Michael Cox – who also writes for FourFourTwo and the Guardian – and Richard Jolly – ESPN contributor since 2002 – write this blog that uses statistics for the layman to understand the current events of soccer.
4 Soccermetrics These guys bring high-tech modeling and statistical analysis to soccer. The cover MLS and other leagues - providing tactical analysis, player reports, and a look at teams' front office decisions.
3 Squawka Provides statistical analysis, using's player data.
2 11tegen11 With the tagline of "From watching a football match to seeing a football match…" the site analyzes the Dutch and English leagues. Don’t know what a PDO or Relative Shot Rate is - then give this site a read.
1 MLS Soccer Analytics Employs stats of all shapes to MLS - from soccer analytics, predictions for fantasy leagues, and other uses of statistics for the American soccer fan.

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  1. Football (soccer): What are the best football/soccer blogs? Here's our own list of best soccer blogs Top 10 Statistical Blogs on Soccer - or "What The Soccerist ... feng shui

  2. Whether at the PhD-level or at the high school-level mathematician these blogs provide elegant insights to help us better understand the parsimonious game. feng shui

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    I also created a list of 10 websites for football stats, you can find it here:

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