Monday, January 14, 2013

Calling all MLS pundits - 2013 "Prognosticator of Prognosticators" Award!

Do you scoff at the predictions in the news and think you can do a better job of predicting the outcome of the upcoming MLS season than those in MLS Fantasy Leagues?  Perhaps you think MLS is an easier league to forecast than the EPL?

Year after year, are you frustrated as others get their day in the sun making predictions that invariably fall short of your own?

More importantly - do you like t-shirts?  If so, this is the contest for you!

This is your chance to make a splash.  In the comments section of this posting, add your name and your predictions for rankings for each team in the East and for the West divisions.

Winners will get a t-shirt to flaunt at parties and give you bragging rights in soccer circles the world over.

Rules - you must submit your predictions of team rank and points won, before first kick in March 2013 for both the East and West divisions.  Please include your name so that you can be identified and contacted at the end of the season.  If two fans have identical scores (or even identical predictions), tie goes to the first poster - so get your predictions in early!

Scoring - each contestant will get an average score at the end of the regular season, based upon the accuracy of their predictions.  For example, if you predict that DC United will finish in 2nd place but they actually finish in 4th place, that is scored as a 2.  The average for all team selections will be your final score and the lowest average score wins the soccerist t-shirt!

Background - here is an opportunity for soccer analytics teams to try out their data analysis against qualitative approaches for bragging rights!

One entry per person - and dont forget to enter your email in the "Follow by Email" box so you can get updates on the contest throughout the season.


  1. East:
    1. San Jose Earthquakes 66 pts
    2. RSL 65 pts
    3. Seattle 48 pts

    1. DC United 63
    2. NY Red Bulls 58
    3. Sporting 57

    1. You're looking at the country upside down.