Friday, June 21, 2013

Price of a Goal in La Liga: 2012/13

If there's any question that La Liga's elite are paid too much, note that Frank Lampard earned £523k last season for each of his 15 goals he scored for Chelsea, making him 6th on the EPL list.

For a full list of the price of EPL goals last season, click here.

That was £50k more than what Ozil earned for his 9 goals, who leads the La Liga table at £472k/goal.   Falcao's 28 goals were a comparative bargain at $428 per but that's nothing compared to what Alvaro Negredo earned for his 25 goals at Sevilla - a mere £20k, or almost half of what Rickie Lambert earned at Southampton.

Are English goals just more expensive than Spanish one's because the league is more popular or are Spanish coaches a better judge of goal-scoring talent?

Should we expect the Spanish elite goal scorers to move to England for a larger paycheck - why not? 

Also, it is not easy to find Spanish player's salaries - can anyone recommend a good source?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Price of goals in EPL (2012-2013 Season)

Wayne Rooney earned a healthy £1.3 million per goal this year, £200k more than second place, Carlos Tevez.  RVP, which his league-leading 26 goals, earned a mere £462k per goal, in comparison.

Below is the complete list of salary per goal for the top 25 goal scorers last season and it is striking that Benteke (last season's reservation) earned just £55k for his 19 goals last season.

Who do you see as being grossly underpaid and deserving of a higher salary?  Anyone here over paid?

Week 16: Prognosticators Update

Here is an update of where our MLS forecasts sit, 16 weeks into the season.  Early Reed, the, and Jared DuBois sit in first place, in a three-way tie - with DuBois making the biggest leap from the start of the season, from 14th place!

Grant Wahl's ambition rankings had seen a steady rank over the early part of the season, but has since bounced back up, into 4th.

Meanwhile, Kyle McCarthy is lodged into last place and Daniel Feuerstein, takes the penultimate spot, little change from his 15th place ranking in weeks 1 and 2.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 11: GK Ratings

On average, MLS goalkeepers make 1.4 saves for every goal they let in, so far this season.  Taking this ratio, we can see which gk's are above or below the average and then give them a percent rank for their performance.  I argue that this provides more nuance than just looking at GAA, which does not account for the quality of defenders.

There are 4 or 5 players defending the goal, not just the 1 who gets the credit or blame on the box score.

For example, Bill Hamid has made 42 saves for a very poor DC United team this season - this is all the more impressive when we consider he has made 25 saves.  To calculate his performance rating: 42 saves - 25 goals allowed * 1.4 = 6.44 pts.  This ranks him first in the league, hence his 100 percent performance ranking.

To add a value for money dimension, I calculate the percent rank of each players compensation - at $35k, Clint Irwin is the lowest paid active player in the league, he earns a 0% ranking while Donovan Ricketts' salary of $300k places him at the top of the salary heap.

On the assumption that the highest paid players should be the best performing, the gap between performance and compensation rating gives an indication of value for money.  Here, Joe Bendik and Bill Hamid are the best value for money hip Troy Perkins ranks as worst value for money, in goal for Montreal.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 11: Costs of Goals and Assists in MLS

Designated players like Tim Cahill, Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan, Thierry Henry are the most expensive goal-scorers in the league - costing their respective teams at least one-quarter of a million for each goal they have scored, so far this season.

Furthermore, of those elite 4, only Henry has more than 3 goals, while on the other end of the scale, Adam Jahn's (4 goals) and Jack McInerney (7 goals) set their teams back less than $10k for each goal they have scored this season.

For further analysis, I include value for providing assists - 2 assists is worth 1 goal - an arbitrary amount but one that is designed to give credit for the play maker as well as the finisher.  Here you can see that, with 1 assist, the defender Doneil Henry is paid a cool half-mill.  To be fair, defenders are not paid for assists, but midfielders are.

Tim Cahill looks a little more affordable (at $320k for goals and assists) for New York but there are some very affordable options out there.  Houston, for example, pays Will Bruin less than $8k for his 4 goals and 3 assists, while Graham Zusi earns slightly more than $10k for his 3 goals and 4 assists.

If you are interested in the math - I take the player's total salary and divide by percentage of games played for the season (or the 90 minute equivalent) and then divide that by the number of goals scored to date.  For the goals and assists calculation, it is the same, but I divide assists by 2.

For example, if a player earns $100 for the season, and has played 17 games out of a 34 game season = 100 * (17/34) = $50.  This means the player has been paid $50 to date for his playing time.  If he has scored 1 goal = $50/1 goal.  If he has scored 5 goals = $50/5 goals, this means he earns $10 per goal.

If the same player has scored 1 goal and 2 assists, he earns:

$100 * (17 games played/34 total games in season) / 1 goal + (2 assists/2) = $50 / 1 + 1 = $25 per goal and assists.

Week 11: MLS Prognosticators Update

With the last game of the weekend just finishing up, Jason Davis, who was the most accurate prognosticator in week 1, takes the lead this week too, tying for first with Earl Reed.

As we settle into the third month of the season, is it fair to say that the conference standings are starting to settle down a little with teams converging to where we should expect them to stay?  Time will tell, but it would be good news for the top of this table.

The bottom 3 comprise Steve Davis, Kyle McCarthy and Daniel Feuerstein.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Breakdown of MLS Player Salaries

The MLS Players' Union just announced the compensation for 2013 and this afforded a chance to break down the numbers.  Of course, we look at who has the largest (New York) and smallest (Chivas) team compensation.

We also break down the salary by position.  Dallas spends the most on goalkeeper, followed by Portland, while Vancouver and Toronto take 1-2 on defender compensation.

New York ranks 16th on GK spending but places 1st on midfield (at $4.5 million) and 2nd on forward (at $4.8 million).

TeamGKGK RankDD RankMM RankFF RankF+F+ RankOtherOther RankGrand TotalTotal Rank
Grand Total$5,859,551$18,216,765$26,173,842$33,428,425$3,629,411$1,727,863$89,035,857